At Sadler Monument we try to keep up with how our world is changing and we are now proud to offer an exciting  and innovative new way to remember our loved ones after they have passed on.  While technology has allowed for more mobility, it has also increased the separation of families worldwide. Using that same technology now we can use a qr code placed on your headstone to connect the stone to a custom web page dedicated to your loved one where you can place the obituary, a biography, pictures and more. All with the ease of being able to use your smart-phone  to link to the web page.




     Up until recently, when someone passed, the memorialization of that person was usually limited to what we could have carved onto a headstone and placed at the grave-site as an honored tribute and place of reverence. SmartMemorials recognized that conventional on-line memorial web sites allowed the family to create enduring memories but had no way to share these from the cemetery or other place of honor.

     Similar to a personal Facebook page, a SmartMemorial website contains information you and friends add about your loved one, such as: an obituary, family heritage and history, photos, comments by friends and relatives there is no limit or time-frame to the service it is a lifetime memorial. This link can be applied to new or existing cemetery headstones,  garden benches or as an addition to a public memorial.

      SmartMemorials combines the time tested materials used in traditional memorials (Granite – Bronze – Porcelain) with advanced technology (2D Bar-codes – NFC technology – Memorial websites). This lets you tell your loved one's story utilizing photos and video clips – even the ability to incorporate their favorite music into a memorial website that can be shared with family and friends via a computer, smart phone or tablet.

SADLER MONUMENT WORKS INC. is a BBB Accredited Monument in Slaton, TX

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