• 1.     What should I consider when selecting a monument company?

         Choose a company where you feel comfortable with the sales staff and confident they can do what they say. The company should have a complete display so you can see what you are selecting. Choose a “real” monument company, one that has a full shop that engraves their own memorials, has its own art department and sets their own memorials.

  • 2.     How long should I wait before purchasing a monument?

         Since most of the time the memorial does not sit directly on the grave, but in an area set aside for the memorial, you can select your memorial anytime. You can even select your memorial before there is a burial. The most important time is when you are ready to make the decision

  • 3.     How long will it take to produce the

    monument once I place the order?

         There are many factors involved in placing a memorial. Many granites are imported and custom memorials take extra time. All things considered, you can expect approximately 6- 8 weeks on standard memorials, although we offer options to complete the job faster. Custom and imported memorials can take 120 to 150 days.

  • 4.     What determines the cost of a memorial?

         Size - Color - Shape - Type of Granite – Amount of Polish – Complexity of Design – Hand or Laser Etching all are important factors in the cost of your memorial.

  • 5.     What are the differences in

    the types of granite?

         The different colors of granite you see in cemeteries represent quarries from all over the world. Many of these quarries offer several different grades of granite from the same quarry and the price can vary 10 to 30%. You can receive memorials, if you are not careful, which are streaked or have blemishes which should not be there.

  • 6.     Is the engraving extra?

         Sadler Monuments include the front and back engraving of the family name, Christian(given) names and dates, as well as any of our standard designs, and setting in the cemetery (except permit fees) in the cost of the memorial. The price of personalized designs, including hand and laser etchings, will vary depending on the amount and complexity of the design.

  • 7.     Are future final dates

    included in the price?

          Legally, a monument company can only charge for a final date if they place money in a trust fund to cover the future cost. Sadler Monument does not allow you to pay for the final date in advance at this time.

  • 8.     Where are the monuments made?

         The size, shape and polishing of the memorial is completed at the individual quarries. We have stones quarried from around the world. Sadler Monument is one of the few memorial companies which continue to have a full engraving facility. Computer design, custom artwork, sandblasting, and special shaped carvings are all done at our home office and engraving plant in Slaton, Texas.

  • 9.     Do the monuments come

    with a warranty?

         Most memorial companies have a basic warranty which covers manufacturer defects. Sadler Monument Works guarantees to replace or repair any memorial found to be defective through workmanship or material. All of our upright headstones come with a lifetime guarantee on the setting in the cemetery. If it is leaning or falling we will fix the memorial free of charge. We believe in doing the job right the first time, and that gives us the ability to provide the best guarantee in the business.

SADLER MONUMENT WORKS INC. is a BBB Accredited Monument in Slaton, TX

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