SADLER MONUMENT WORKS INC. is a BBB Accredited Monument in Slaton, TX
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      Welcome to Sadler Monument

    Here you will find all the different types of memorials we offer, from standard industry designs to completely custom stones.  No matter the memorial you choose we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction. We manufacture your custom headstone designs precisely to your requests, and we give each and every monument the care and attention it rightfully deserves.  Sadler Monument uses only the highest quality materials and techniques throughout the entire manufacturing process.  Choosing a headstone design begins with telling a story. We can help you choose the headstone type, color, size, and shape that will most accurately tell the story of your loved one for generations to come.  Successfully serving our clientèle with superior work is a great source of pride for our company. The decision you will eventually make concerning the selection of a memorial is one that should be done with care and proper counsel. We help our customers realize their personal and emotional needs along these lines, with our quality of service put together with our years of experience in the monument business. We specialize in personalized headstones using a monument design artist.

A portrait of our family.

“Our Family Serving Your Family”

    For over 50 years the Sadler family has been creating memorials from stone. Jim Sadler started out on a life-long career as a memorialist back in 1960, honing and refining his skills under some of the best craftsman in our profession. Setting out to take care of families in a special way he and Paula opened the doors of Sadler Monument in 1988 and have been serving families ever since, always keeping with our motto of, “Our Family Serving Your Family”.


     John Mark and Nicole Sadler joined the business in 2000 and took ownership in 2009. We are proud of our long family heritage in the memorial industry and because of this, each memorial is hand crafted with great care. We will design, carve and inscribe your memorial in our studio workshop Slaton, Texas.  We are not a large mass producer of monuments, but rather take the time to carve memorials one at a time to insure the quality that we demand.


     We are here to help you preserve the memory of your loved ones. Our family will always work hard to provide you with quality crafted monuments to reflect and remember the lives of your family. Our experience assures our valued customers get the highest quality monuments, our compassion guarantees your satisfaction, and our highly skilled monument designers produce the finest monuments in West Texas.

Services we Offer

  •     Marble Memorials
  •     Companion  Memorials
  •     Individual Memorials
  •     Flat Markers
  •     Bronze Markers
  •     Infant Memorials
  •     Final Date Inscriptions
  •     Pet Memorials
  •     Granite Signs
A design on stencil Finished stone set in the cemetery
  • Civic Monuments
  • Veterans
  • Memorials
  • Cornerstones
  • Monument Cleaning and Restoration
  • Ceramic Memorial
  •    Portraits
  • Monument Vases
  • Granite Benches
  • Smart Memorials

Quality Monuments From A Family That Cares

     Sadler Monument Works employs the most highly skilled monument designers in West Texas, ensuring your satisfaction in both the design of your memorial and the highest quality craftsmanship in making the stones we select. We work with only the most highly skilled professionals in the industry. We specialize in custom designed granite memorials and will help you personalize a memorial to your desires. One of our specialties is carving deep sculptured roses and floral designs. Many other monument companies will only offer to "flat" carve your memorial. Utilizing the latest in technology coupled with the tried and true methods of our fore fathers we can help you create an everlasting tribute to your loved one. Incorporating both hand drawn and computer designs we offer the service that best fit your needs.. Our reputation is one of reliability and trust. This is “Our Family Serving Your Family”,  and we've been doing it for over 50 years!



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6110 Frankford Ave.


Plainview TX

400 Joliet Ave.